I am very frustrated with big government.  My mom is in a wheelchair and she barely has enough to survive, yet able-bodied people have a grand ol' time and collect a free check, subsidized housing, free food, free healthcare, etc.  The "old people" in charge (I'm 45) does not understand us gamers can sit in a "cell" and live a complete life playing video games and surfing the web forever.  Texty-texting, Facebooking, Snapchatting, and playing online is a life that costs basically nothing.  They do not understand what it is like to be a "kid."  Home ownership interest is at an all-time low.  It is literally a "profession" to sit home, collect a check, play on cell phones, and watch TV and play video games all day long.  Wow!  

How does the above relate to hunting license costs?  Well, my same frustration is with that it seemingly pays to be a criminal nowadays.  What are the chances of getting caught hunting without a license?  200:1?  What are the penalties for poaching or hunting without a license?  The loss of a $500 rifle and hunting priveledges from a state for 5 years?  These laws make no financial/odds sense.  Penalties for poaching should be, based on a $330 hunting license should be at least a $75,000 fine.  Or... The hunting license should be closer to $50.  As far as criminals/terrorists, what a life!  If they get caught, they get to do the very things I crave to do daily:  player poker, basketball, exercise, eat for free, do not have to clean anything, do not pay bills, etc.  What a deal!  These people need odds-makers creating fines and laws.  It's like robbing a bank, getting a degree in college vs. comparing that to collecting a welfare check for the rest of your life, building your own home, fishing, hunting, playing video games, etc.  We need Las Vegas to assist law makers in making our world a more just environment for hard-working people.  I am sorry hunters are being asked to pay for able-bodied people not to work.  We all agree, if you stare at a crack on a wall all day long or have no arms/legs, we will take care of you, but short of that, everyone can work.  I am going to pick rocks out of a field now.  

Kentucky Hunting License Fees