Kentucky Deer Season

Kentucky Trophy Buck Scoring

Here is a video from Realtree that is 4 minutes long with "general detail" quick judging tips:  


Experience judging trophy bucks vary greatly.  Bow hunters were all new at judging trophies and so were all gun hunters at some point.  This is not meant to be a "professional" scoring tutorial, but a QUICK WRITTEN LESSON FOR PEOPLE NEW TO SCORING that don't care to do much research online.

You can read and watch 20 videos that will help you better than what I'm about to say, but this is meant for those who just want a quick "youth hunt" type of explanation.

#1)  Count the tines on 1 side.  "1,2,3 & 4" or more...go to step 2

#2)  If the rack is obviously outside of the ears...go to step 3 (don't shoot anything if the horns are inside the ears)

#3)  If some tines look tall, maybe twice as tall as the ears....go to step 4

#4)  Take a general look...does the deer look good to you... find the heart and pull the trigger!

This buck should be 125 inches or more.  Call me for any hunting questions:  270-766-7166

Now this is super simplified!  This is meant for the people who ask me about how to score a deer who don't have much experience making these judgement calls.