Outfitter Ownership For Sale

Ask yourself these few questions -

  • ​How many extra hunts would I have to sell to pay for this website?
  • ​How much earlier would I book my hunts saving me time?
  • ​Could I charge more for my hunts since my "supply" goes up?
  • ​Am a newer outfitter wanting to establish my presence?
  • ​ Am I an established outfitter, but have a limited web presence?

​72,191 is the number of visitors I had last year verified by Godaddy.com  

How could you profit from this traffic?  I have 150 acres.  I can only sell a few hunts a year and keep big deer.  My past time "hobby" was ranking up websites.

You'll find in most Google searches that have keywords that are searched 300+ more times per month, I rank up usually #1 or #2.  The guy who sometimes ranks higher than me is because of 1 reason and I'll share that reason if you buy this from me.  You will be able to improve and that's all I can say.

$15,000 + 2 gun hunts.  That's what I want from my website.  My place is great, but i don't have multiple farms I lease out.  Someone can really get an "unfair advantage" by owning this site.

Or you can just be a 50% owner/partner for $300,000. CLICK HERE FOR MORE OWNERSHIP "TALK" (click)

Finding someone to do SEO work on a website is EASY.  There are 1000's out there that will claim they can help you.  However, you won't find the good ones "in the phone book".  For about 7 years I didn't have a "real job".  Many years my checks came from Google.com  I "retired" to Kentucky where I'm a school teacher now.  I bought 200+ acres and am happy.  I don't need a website with this much "power".   Writing the unique content alone with proper "assignments", search engine flow, etc., etc. is technical.  

Because I will be hunting at your place, we can do some work on in there to customize it for you.  I can literally put a photo of a "monkey F****** a football and still outrank most, so any "visual" changes will have no effect.  There are some things to do that I'll share with you when "we" make those changes though.