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When considering ky deer hunting, it's important to shop around look for outfitter trends.  Kentucky whitetail outfitters offer different types of deer hunting guide services.  You'll need to decide how much money you can spend and what type of amenities you want to pay for.   My Kentucky deer ranch is 95% wooded, which means you can get lost hunting and scouting for deer.  I've personally bulldozed in trails on my trophy whitetail property and offer maps so that this doesn't happen, but I personally have been lost for hours prior to the trails.  When lost deer hunting, get more orange out, your gun down and flashlight on. Walk straight past deer hunters, apologize if you're that close and walk towards any cars you hear on a road.  One more thing, know your Kentucky hunting laws and have your resident license or non-resident hunting license handy. 

I don't mind rambling about food plots, best times to KENTUCKY DEER HUNT, KY deer hunting, and Kentucky trophy deer.  If you're a novice outdoorsman and want to share a ky whitetail hunt with a child, book a bow or gun hunt.  There is a 99% chance you'll "shoot at" a nice buck.  While deer hunting in Kentucky, I sat with my niece who is a good shooter buck, and watched her miss a 140 inch 10 pointer by 5 feet cause she was nervous. 2015, same thing happened.  The Kentucky whitetail big bucks will peak out for a bit or they'll be on the move. To stop a Kentucky trophy deer, practice on grunting, rattle your horns or making a noise to get them to stop so you can harvest your trophy buck; otherwise that deer will be gone. My food plots are almost "scent check proof".  This means I have a lot of "edge" around my food plots so the deer need to come out in the field a bit to visually see if a doe is in the plot.  Speaking of does, I do trap for predators / coyotes to make sure our fawns and deer herd continue to flourish and to protect our Kentucky Trophy whitetail.

     What defines a Kentucky deer hunting guide or a KENTUCKY DEER HUNTING OUTFITTER?  Some outfitters make you food and are with you the entire time; I do not.  I do offer a primitive ky deer hunting cabin built in 2015 with lights and enough solar electric to watch movies and charge phones.  Ky deer hunts really vary, which is why I like to show people my Kentucky deer hunting lease opportunity.  Almost 100% of the people who look at my Kentucky guided deer hunt book a trophy whitetail deer hunt.

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​​This is my personal hunting ranch I spare no expense on. 

13 Food Plots to Hunt - 125' min Kentucky Trophy Deer rule email: or call/text 270-766-7166

Kentucky Deer Hunting
Kentucky whitetail hunts

Kentucky Whitetail hunts

Kentucky Deer Hunts
Turkey Hunting​ in Kentucky

Hunt over your choice of 13+ ky food plots including:  Alfalfa, clover, brassicas, rape, oats, cereal rye, austrian peas, etc.  There will be 3 or 4 auto-feeders throwing out corn day and night to make your Ky deer hunt more successful.  Choosing a place to hunt Kentucky Deer isn't easy!  Do you need a Kentucky deer hunting guide?  Need a cabin, high-end lodging, a tent?  We're dedicated to offer you quality Kentucky whitetail hunting under optimum ky quality deer management techniques.  

Kentucky deer hunting forums are great places for outfitter questions and Kentucky deer hunting lease information.  From learning about Kentucky outfitters top 10 tools, to finding out why cultipackers for seed to soil contact are over-rated.  Maybe inquire as to why hunting guide services are going to choosing rape food plots over brassica food plots.  There are a lot of deer hunting options, so navigating which gun hunt, muzzle loading or bow hunt can be confusing.  Use your own tree stands or count on a full guide service?

Kentucky Trophy Deer
Food Plots

Kentucky deer hunts for sale are growing in popularity.  When hunting Kentucky deer, be scent free!


Kentucky Deer Hunting

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Kentucky Spring turkey season can be booked now for hunters.  3 days with lodging, hunting over food plots - $500 per huner

Book NOW for 2017 

Come visit and take a tour prior to booking!

$800 Velvet Buck Hunt - 2 hunter minimum  

$500 Per Hunter Turkey Hunt - SOLD OUT


$800 Per Hunter Archery - 5 days/nights

$1,000 - Muzzle Load Hunt - 2 day total early season

$900 - Youth Hunt w/ Rifle - 2 day season

$1,900 Per Hunter Modern Gun - 4 days/nights 

November 17, 18, 19 & 20th (single hunter allowed)


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Choosing ​the right deer hunt to book or hunting lease in Ky can be tough.  Please visit my free range fair chase deer  Kentucky deer hunting outfitter place before you even consider sending out a deposit to anyone.  If your time is valuable, book a deer hunt with us and you won't be disappointed.  The food plots are manicured year-round so that you will have a successful Kentucky deer hunt land lease amongst friends and family you will never forget. 

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Hunting over food plots is an advantage.  For great kill plots, try brassicas, oats, rye, peas, clover, alfalfa and soybeans

We have a lot of turkey on our land.  Certainly book a Spring Kentucky turkey hunt, for your entire friends and family will enjoy the the total outdoor experience.

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