Kentucky Turkey Hunts

Youth Gun Hunt 

October 14th & 15th


2017 Hunting Rates  

Early Muzzle Hunt-Oct. 21st/22nd

Statewide 2 Day / 2 Night Hunt

​$1,000.00 each 

Bow Hunts (flex arrival/departure)

5 Days & Nights

​$800.00 each

Late Muzzle Load Hunt

Any 5 days/5 nights,December 9 - 17 

 $1,000.00 each

Modern Gun Hunts
Book a Kentucky Hunt

Spring Turkey Hunting Rates

3 Days / 3 Nights
$500.00  for 2 bird limit

(Only you and the people you bring will be on the property)

Primitive lodging available at no charge.  Deposits are non-refundable. If you cannot make your hunt, please call us at least 60 days in advance and you can use your deposit towards booking a hunt in the future. Hunters are responsible for food and are required to wear 1 or more safety harnesses.

"Success" is defined by the hunter and their happiness.  If you shoot a buck that is undersized, I don't want to ruin your day by issuing a $500 fine or a $50 per inch under penalty.  We've all shot bucks we thought were bigger, so the $100 self-imposed penalty helps to deter those shooting basic 8 pointers we see all the time.  

Bow Hunt (flex dates after November 22)

3 days / 3 nights (only 3 total management hunts available)

$600.00 each

Booking a Kentucky deer hunt

Deer hunting in Kentucky consists of Muzzle loading, crossbow, archery and guns season.  Bow hunting season allows for hunters to get outdoors before the high-powered firearms get in the woods that can shoot a deer from 300 yards away.  Archery people have to be much more careful with their equipment and clothing.  Being scent free and being mindful of the wind are very important tactical aspects of the hunt.  With compound bows commonly hitting over 300 feet per second, it still requires a level of skill to make a shot at 40 yards.  Now some of these guys with high-end crossbows zipping bolts out at over 400 feet per second will take stabs at the whitetail closer to the 60 yard range.  That is pushing it, but some of these weapons are deadly accurate during Kentucky bow season. 

Come mid-October you can get out to a tower blind or tree stand with your muzzle loader.  The days of pouring in and measuring black powder are over.  This is a 2 days season that gives you a great chance of harvesting a Kentucky trophy Whitetail before everyone else.  This reminds me to check in with a Kentucky deer hunting forum website to ask generic questions that you don't want to ask me in an email.

Youth season is a great time of year where some kids are lucky enough to get out and see some Kentucky trophy deer with their parents.  We also have successful youth seasons.  We still have a 8 point minimum buck rule our our Kentucky deer hunts, but I still encourage dads to wait for horns to be outside the ears, but there are no extra costs for shooting deer under125 inches at this point.  I nice 10 point buck was taken last year by an 11 yr old and a 8 pointer was missed by a 12 yr. old girl (his sister).  The big buck action is so much fun!

Modern gun season is just a fun time of year.  Whoever comes with you on the Kentucky hunting lease, you all will have a great time.  You’ll see deer and people within your camp will be harvesting bucks.  Kentucky hunting outfitters are just ecstatic during this time of year.  Strange bucks are running everywhere trying to avoid these people who suddenly come out a week before deer season spreading corn everywhere.

The hunting rates and fees are pretty fair across the board.  All Kentucky hunting packages include free basic cabin use.  Pretend you’re camping with light and heat.  It’s a “normal” cabin, but no running water or indoor bathroom.  

Whitetail Hunting Rates & Dates 

Rifle Hunt / Modern Gun / Shot Gun (Only a 10 day long season)

4 days / 4 nights

November 17,18,19,20  

$1,900 per hunter ----only you and your buddy(s) will be on the property

Hunting Lease