Guide to Choosing a Farm to Lease for Deer Hunting:

There are plenty of Kentucky hunts available to purchase, but where will you get the most bang for your “buck”?  Websites all can look nice.  Most advertise big deer and suggest high success rates.  Choosing the right hunting lease is difficult.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

-Who has the biggest deer? 

-Where will I have the highest chance of success? 

-Do I want to hunt over an auto-feeder? 

-Do I want to be driven to my stand? 

-Do I want breakfast cooked for me each morning? 

-Fair chase hunt vs. a fenced in ranch

 Some hunter like the idea of having access to a well managed area with food plots ready to go, but they want to be in charge of their own trophy deer hunt.  They want to plan in advance how they are going to approach the deer hunting area and what kill plots they are going to focus their first few Kentucky deer hunts.  There is a bit more to the feeling when you harvest a Kentucky Whitetail trophy deer when you chose where, when, and how you were going to hunt.  On the other hand, people realize their time is limited and they want to utilize the expertise of deer hunting professionals.  There is no right or wrong answer.  It’s all about enjoying your outdoor recreational activity.

There will be bigger bucks pretty much wherever you chose to role the dice and book a Kentucky deer hunting trip with an outfitter.  The chances of success vary greatly depending on your skill level and your weapon of choice.  If you want a challenge, go out in the woods “Naked and Afraid” style and whittle your own bow.  It’s all about personal preference for your Kentucky hunting lease.  If you want to spend money on a nice lodge and amenities, then go for it!  If you want the ambiance of a small cabin buried in the woods off the grid with solar power to watch tv and plenty of heat, the book that Kentucky deer hunt.  Everything has a cost;  you just need to decide where you want to spend your money. 

Kentucky trophy deer

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