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Shooting A Deer:

Kentucky Trophy Deer Hunting Plan 

As you prepare for your Kentucky trophy deer hunt (8 point minimum 125' no does to be shot), here is a list of basic things to remember. 

1)  Hunts are to be paid in full 60 days prior.  Your hunting date will be sold to someone else and your deposit forfeited.  In all honesty, simply call me and say, “I need another week” and I’ll allow that, but just don’t show up with money in hand because I won’t be on site waiting for your arrival.  Should you need to cancel 60 days prior to your hunt, you deposit will be kept and can be used towards a future hunt of equal value or more.

2)  You can arrive arrive 5:00 pm the day before your morning hunt.  Because we’re limited to 10 day modern gun hunts, this doesn’t apply to gun hunters.  It’s possible someone will be out there every day during the 10 days.  Gun hunters can go onto the property at 9pm the night before your hunt.  Bow / Muzzle hunting I make sure there is a 7 to 14 day buffer between anyone being in the woods prior to your hunt. 

3)  There is a larger home/cabin on the edge of the property.  You will pass it on your right as your heading towards the hunting cabin.  Do not approach this place.  This person keeps away trespassers and poachers year-round.  

4)  Many would consider me a Kentucky outfitter.  Kentucky hunting Guides have pros and cons. When nobody is expecting breakfast and to be driven to a hunting spot, it is a do-it-yourself fair-chase hunt.  I put in the work 10 months out of the year and it's up to you to do the rest.

Common sense prevails.  Nobody has been granted permission to come on my property to track a deer across my Kentucky hunting lease.  If a neighbor had to do this, I’d expect a phone call, but at the very least, they would do it under the cover of darkness and a few hours after hunting times so that it doesn’t disturb me or the deer!  If you feel you need to track a deer and it was shot late, I’ve never asked permission to trespass before nor can I give you permission to go onto someone else’s property.  Use good judgment!  

5)  As you come onto my property and cross the bridge, on the right there is a creek.  You’ll find an easy access just past the bridge on the right 30 yards.  This is where you shall gut your deer.  Don’t field dress on the hunting grounds please. Please read my quick Kentucky Hunting season plan.   -Hunting Property Description

6)  I have neighbors that  don’t come on the property, but they will stop you entering and exiting the property (as a courtesy to me).  It has nothing to do with the fact you are hunting, they just know I don’t allow anyone back there.  If you’re stopped, just be nice and tell them your friends with “Jamie” and you have permission to be there.  They help keep all poachers away!

7) From my large rock wall entry, you will go down a hill, cross my bridge, then go 100 yards to the first hill.  There will be a trail to the left and a larger trail to the left for cars/trucks separate by 5 feet and a trail right to the “off limits” cabin.  Take the second left just before the power pole.  Here you will see the “off limits” cabin.  Continue up the trail about 300 yards to the cabin you are free to use.  The nearest food plot to this cabin is about 300 yards away.  Some may decide to leave your vehicles near the bridge and walk or ride 4-wheelers to camp.  If there is a storm or a random tree falls down, “life happens”.  I won’t be coming out there to clear trails during hunting season.  You’ll have to figure it out.  I keep that hunting ground free of pressure as much as I can.  Similarly, the wife drives a Prius up to the cabin, but if it’s rained good or snow on the ground, she has to walk. 

8)  For gas lights & gas heat, open the tank valve, then they will light.  The cooking stove will use propane bottles.   There is limited solar power, so use it wisely.  I figure you can watch TV and movies for 4 hours a day and charge cell phones, but I can’t predict cloud cover. I don’t lock doors or windows, so just leave the place as you left it please.     

You can “Telecheck” your deer at 1800-245-4263   or call 1800-858-1549 for Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife information.   Remember to fill out your Harvest Log and attach it to the horns.  If you don’t have a harvest log, I have plenty in the cabin.

9)  Take a map with you.  I have bulldozed a nice path around the entire property, but there are trails throughout the property sparingly.  Some people like branches and limbs around them, others don’t.  Take out a saw to trim back what you need to.  Bow hunters will be placing some of their own stands in planned ambush areas, they know what they need to bring. 

10)  Gun hunters -if you are in groups of 4, you want to have the 2 tower blinds hunted in at all times.  You’ll see a lot of deer here.  However, we all know hunting has a lot to do with skill and preparation.  Depending on your expectation, you may try to scout out a corridor where you believe you can ambush the big one timing his appearance to feed just at dark, or simply hunt over auto-feeders (4 in on property) shooting out corn. The property has plenty of great places to put ladder stands.  Us the map to plan your strategy.  I like to go some place “thick” and take a chance, while letting others cover the obvious spots deer will be.  Bow Hunters -  You’ll have to be more strategic.  Look at my notes on the different food plots and the surroundings to plan your hunt.  Opening morning is the toughest because you simply don’t know your way around…yet.

11)  Please remember to disconnect the cooking stove bottle, turn off the gas on the outside and to push the yellow power button on the far left of the silver box that delivers the electricity. 


If you shoot a buck, please text me a photo:  270 766 7166. 

Kentucky trophy deer