Kentucky turkey hunting

Free use of cabin is available in all Kentucky turkey season packages.

3 Days/ 3 Nights
$500 per adult – 2 bird limit each  

$900 for 1 adult + 1 youth hunter under 18 – 4 bird limit

*Once you book your hunt, I will mail you maps of the property and locations of food plots and trails so you can plan your hunt.  You may arrive at 8pm the night before your hunt to stay on the property if you’d like.  Go out on a quad or walk w/ a flashlight to see what you’ll be hunting in the morning if you choose.

Call or Text:  270-766-7166

There are several spots you can just count on those turkey coming by every day.  They roost up in 2 or 3 sections of the property up in red pines.  Plan your hunt accordingly.  It’s fairly common to sneak up a small hill and see them scratching up certain food plots as well.

All the food plots we have for our trophy whitetail hunts are perfect for Kentucky turkey hunting!  If you’re looking to shoot some great gobblers, at least come and tour our property.  All the small clover and alfalfa food plots, it makes for an ideal place to spend Kentucky Spring turkey season.  We have side by sides available if you want to make an appointment to swing by and see the property if you’re considering a Kentucky turkey hunt.

What makes our property distinguish itself from others is how the land itself is maintained for turkey hunting.  The soil is managed to produce the most palatable food for the deer and turkey.  I’m not sure if you’d define us as a Kentucky turkey hunting outfitters, but we do provide a fair-chase free range hunt that will produce you birds that will come within shooting range.  It’s truly Kentucky turkey hunting at its best.  Both deer hunting and the Kentucky Turkey outdoor industry has bloomed to reach national recognition.  If you're looking for a KY turkey hunting guide, please send me an email.

Call or Text:  270-766-7166 for any questions

2016 Kentucky Turkey Season

kentucky turkey hunting

Kentucky Turkey Hunting