Kentucky Turkey Hunting

Kentucky Deer and Turkey Hunting

Deer and turkey
Kentucky Turkey Hunting Outfitter
Kentucky Deer Hunting Outfitter
Kentucky Turkey Hunting

Hunters can be reassured of the wildlife habitat when they see photos. Trail cam photos of Kentucky deer and Kentucky turkey at least will give the resemblance of the possibility there are hunting possibilities; however, they could be photo shopped, right? Fraudulently marketing a Kentucky turkey hunt or Kentucky deer hunt as a Kentucky deer hunting outfitter is pretty risky. If you own your land, as I do, it is very risky. If you lease random pieces of land with little net worth, then who really cares. These are the things I would consider, but in the end, I would want to find an outfitter who drives a used truck that does not really own a home, who is a hard worker, that leases land from people for an extreme value. These types of outfitters will pass along their diligence and money savings along to you as the hunter. Now, there are fewer and fewer "old people" that do not realize how valuable their land. If you can find them, treat them very well and never give up that lease. Most likely, these people pay $50 an acre for their land. There has been a massive shift of land ownership. There are too many shiny toys to be bought vs. owning land. Everyone tries to KEEP UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS.  

If you were smarter than me and chose a profession that makes more than $55,000 per year, then money does not matter as much. There are great outfitters out there who own lots of land, have family farms, and lease extra land. These folks have great amenities and services.

I do not walk people to stands, cook food for them, etc.  You are welcome to come visit during the summer for a Ranger ride / tour.  It takes about 25 minutes, but I do not "sell" anything, take deposits, etc. - that is not my thing.  I do my 12-14 food plots, tending to replant at least 1/2 of them every year just because I am bored and like pretty food plots. This is what I do for my "fun." Even if planting, all the same, was the best for the deer, that is no fun! I want to see varieties. You folks hunting deer and turkey is a byproduct of what I like to do. As they say in Star Wars, we are a symbiotic circle.