Option to Purchase: - I would take on a partner if you want a little diversity in your retirement plan.  Looking at a piece of paper called a "401k"  for 30 years is not the same as enjoying your money.  This is a lower six-figure investment.  As a Ph.D. candidate finishing my research, I do work in education and have time in the summers to enjoy not working for the man.

There is a 2014 log home/cabin that is rented year-round to good people who have no interest in moving and help keep the area free of poachers.  My guy would like to take more ownership and responsiblity in the hunting operation, but that is what I like to do.  There is also a 2015 smaller cabin for "hunters cabin" to stay in on the land.  A old rickity 40X100 tobacco barn stands for dry storage of all my food plotting equipment.

 The income from hunts on this property should be a consideration when calculating a mortgage payments as well as the $6,000 per year from renters (I jokingly jab at my "responsible" friends that extra #'s on a 401k doesn't provide much enjoyment.  This is stable and will diversify your situation.  Maybe offer the grandkids some fun?

I enjoy managing the land for wildlife and talking to hunters who purchase hunts.  Believe it or not, it's so much more fun than hunting.  Sitting on a tractor, creating a food plot plan each year, fertilizing, keeping track of soil PH, looking at deer/turkey/coyote/ bobcat tracks, fill corn auto-feeders, putting out mineral sites, etc.

EMAIL FOR ANY QUESTIONS - owner@huntingkentuckydeer.com

​Text:  270-766-7166

You can find Kentucky hunting land for sale, but not all land is created equally.  Location. Location. Location as they say.  Vehicular traffic, water/lake limitations, developments, nearby farms that will be turned into subdivisions, it all takes a toll on the deer herd.  My area tends to be hilly, aka, 100's of years of non development with no future growth/urban sprawl on the horizon.  Probably the real value is having good neighbors that are only interested in big bucks.  

This is the lifestyle Adley will never experience. Adrenaline is wonderful, but I feel it set me back 20 years professionally and academically. Not all minds are created equal, and mine could not process the physical needs of "fun" while balancing real-life academic goals. While I have learned from my parents that you "must go to college," Adley will learn from her parents' "career direction." Educators speak of not doing this job for the money, but I have yet to see many educators return after retirement and volunteer their time in schools. Not being honest about our public school situation is why public schools are continually under scrutiny. "If you believe all kids can be medical doctors, raise your hand." You would be surprised how many educated people in a building would be waiving their hands high.  I do not know about you, but I do not want the lowest-ranked kid in America, who was handed a certificate of achievement to operate on my brain, operating on my brain.  There is little comprehension that if our school systems reached their ultimate academic goals, that Harvard Medical School graduates would be serving french fries at McDonald's. If public schools across the nation reached their goals, this country would crumble. That fact is why we need to rethink schools and convert them to a two-track system. We need kids excelling at what they want to do, not what academics want them to do. Go trades! That is coming from a guy who has a certificate saying he can teach history and on chapter four of his dissertation for a Ph.D. 

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