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Kentucky Hunting Lodge

Deer Cabin
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Inside Deer Camp
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Fire pit area at the front of the property

It's a small but quaint Kentucky deer hunting cabin.  Interior is 1-inch thick barn wood on both the walls and the flooring.  It's well insulated with an overall dimension of 16X24 with an overhang off the front porch.  A slider window is on the back wall so that you can overlook a clover food plot should you decide to stay in the cabin for a sitting.

Furnishings to Expect:

  • pull out couch
  • bunk beds
  • chairs/table
  • gas cooking stove
  • coffee pot
  • basic cooking utensils & throw-away plates/cups
  • gas lights
  • gas heat
  • sleeping bags and pillows

This is an off-the-grid cabin, which means you get gas lights, gas heat, gas cook stove, no electricity, and no running water.  You get to use an outhouse at deer camp!   This Kentucky hunting lease spends it's money on the land and keeps costs down to meet my niche market of customers, not exactly a "Kentucky Hunting Lodge".

Things to remember to bring for you Kentucky deer hunt:

  • drinks/water
  • sleeping bag/pillow (although several are present)
  • small propane canisters for cooking (although I'll have some there)
  • scent lock bag (
  • saw for trimming branches that you might not like (I keep a saw there)
  • cooler with ice
  • hand and foot warmers

Many Kentucky hunting outfitters offer great guide services and awesome food!  That's something I don't offer.  Because I don't have water, some of my hunters stay in nearby hotels.  Twenty-five minutes away has $55 per night, very clean motel rooms (Campbellsville, Kentucky), and go up to the typical Holiday Inn Express around $90.  

If you're looking for an extravagant lodge and people to make you breakfast, our place is not for you.  This is not that type of experience. We are all about Kentucky whitetail hunting, and keeping prices down for an affordable Kentucky deer hunting (plus all that other stuff would be like a "job" to me, I am a school teacher to pay my bills).  Trophy class whitetails are what we offer, and we do everything to maintain a well balanced herd.  

Look at Kentucky deer hunting forums and do some research.  Determine what type of Kentucky whitetail hunt you'd like to book.  Shoot your buck early at my place, check out some Kentucky fishing trips.  If I had extra money, the government was simply going to take when I die, I would 100% go w/ a nice lodge, pool table, hot tub, food service, etc.  We shoot some very nice bucks here. I do prefer all bow hunters and gun hunters to come take a tour of the hunting grounds prior to booking (that's the best sales pitch I got; I know you'll like the place when you see it).

adleys deer cabin

Cabin is about 500 yards off of the road

Clover Food Plot