chicory food plot
soybeans for deer
wildlife management
Kentucky food plot
Kentucky clover food plot
canola and clover stripped food plot

Lespidiza / Alfalfa

cereal rye food plot
cowpeas and buckwheat food plot

Kentucky Outfitter Food Plots

clover food plot

Canola Strip & Clover                             Cereal Rye / Clover                        Imperial Clover(cabin plot)

     Oats / Clover Blend                   Cereal Rye & Clover Stripped            Cowpeas / Buckwheat

kentucky food plot

Just some food plots I have sprayed and are awaiting a fresh planting come mid August

best kentucky food plot photo

Left:  I left good clover in the middle, but stripped it for the fall kill plots.   Right:  Sometimes I just feel like clearing more land to increase food plot size.  Remember, my operation breaks even; I pay myself maybe $1 per hour.  I do this because I enjoy it.  The way "work" should be.

Here is a tall section of plots I just tilled under to get more organic material in the soil, which leads to more moisture capabilities.  Granted, this was wonderful bedding for the deer!

These 2 photos were taken in the same week.  You see how my deer density crushes my soybeans. Now, the ag fields of soybeans, pictures to the right, are my neighbors 2 miles away.  Ag land keeps larger quantities of deer nearby.

This plot has  has good clover underneath, but the value is in the quality bedding

deer hunting plot
lespidiza alfalfa food plot
imperial clover food plot
Kentucky hunting
brassica stripped food plot
soybean food plot

Starting with the knee-deep brassicas on the left it appears I'm fertilizing.  Kentucky hunting just isn't the same with the nice big juicy chicory.  Next is another plot of brassicas great for the late kentucky deer hunting season.  Then finally a stripped food plot of milo, brassicas and seasoned clover.

*Longterm Alfalfa and Chicory plots are not pictured.  Just "fresh" new plots that will likely be replanted for Fall kill plots.