canola and clover stripped food plot
cowpeas and buckwheat food plot

2017 Summer Food Plots

clover food plot

Here is a tall section of plots I just tilled under to get more organic material in the soil, which leads to more moisture capabilities.  Granted, this was wonderful bedding for the deer!

deer hunting plot
imperial clover food plot

*Longterm Alfalfa and Chicory plots are not pictured.  Just "fresh" new plots that will likely be replanted for Fall kill plots.

Lespidiza / Alfalfa

cereal rye food plot

Canola Strip & Clover                             Cereal Rye / Clover                        Imperial Clover(cabin plot)

     Oats / Clover Blend                   Cereal Rye & Clover Stripped            Cowpeas / Buckwheat

lespidiza alfalfa food plot